The Ecliptic Stock Illustrations Catalogue grew out of work we do for IT publications worldwide. We include all pictures and illustrations that are not bought by our clients with exclusive publications rights. Ecliptic is a small creative studio founded in 1994 in Switzerland by owner and head creative talent Thomas Thü Hürlimann.

  Thomas Thü Hürlimann Creating graphic arts since 1985. He founded Ecliptic 1994 and works independent since 1999 after leaving Macworld and Computerworld.

Graduated on the Academy Of Art (Hochschule für Gestaltung) Zürich and with many years working as graphic designer and art director for advertising agencies, publishers und graphic studios, Thomas Thü offers a wide range of knowledge to do illustration, infographic, printgraphic, publicity campaigns, corporate design, web design and animation.

Our stiles and technics including drawing, painting, photo manipulation and combination, computer graphics, layout, typography, 3D-illustration, 3D-animation, HTML, Flash-animation. We use respectively the technic to fit to the job.

Ecliptic owns the following domain-names: (Swiss domain-name, registered since 1994) . . .


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