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Corales Horn Ensemble

Our Heroica Brass horn player Thomas Hürlimann presents here exclusively the recordings of his one-man-ensemble. He plays music compositions for 4 to 8 instruments, records each part individually and combines them into the final complete music:

Galliarde (Claude Gervaise)
Enterprise Theme (Dennis McCarthy)
Bransle de la torche (Michael Praetorius)
Canzon XVI (Giovanni Gabrieli)
Locus iste (Anton Bruckner)

This was used for the production of the one-man-ensemble recordings:

Finke Brendan Double Horn

Myriad Melody Notation

M-Audio Nova microphones

(Since mid-2007 I am not able to make recordings or play with the ensemble anymore because of a focal embouchure dystonia which makes fine-control of my upper lip impossible.)

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